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Welcome to the new blog for our class. We are Giraffes at ESSA Primary in Bolton.

Our class is made up of 33 pupils from 24 different countries. Where are you from and where are you now?

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My marvellous Abdul Kazam Description!!

Alla kazoo alla Kazee here is a story of Abdul Kazam! Let me take you back seven months to the magical circuits!

Wactch out for Abdul Kazams green,emerald  magical ring.

Abdul Kazam is a tall,thin man with a long neck,although he did have very curly eyebrows,Abdul Kazam was standing on a black stage that was torn

His face was completely hidden by his dark blue,galaxy cape.His beard was wild and sculptured but his eyes were as big as a turtles shell.His body  looked dusty and powerful.


Alla kazoo alla kazam her is the story of Abdul kazam let me take you back    two days ago to the magical circus to a great act but watch out for a box where you get disappeared.

Abdul Kazam is a great magician he is a tall thin man with a long neck although he had a large black beard and black curly eyebrows .He had a dark purple cape which had a golden shiner stars over it .Abdul Kazam even had a green gloomy ring that matched his green elf shoes and a golden necklace . He wears a red and black fez on his bold head .Abdul Kazam had a big sucker eyes thatlooked really creepy even his big pointy noise.

We’re off to Antarctica

Ready to head south to Antarctica.

Year 5 are planning a trip to Antarctica to rescue Shackleton and his crew.

We need to know as much as possible to ensure we have a safe and successful trip.

Can you help us?

——————————————Mrs Summersgill was very generous in replying to all our questions. She also sent us some amazing photos of her and Mr Summersgill in Antarctica.

Here are some photos of use planning our trip to Antarctica.

Jack And Harry by Ribha

One day there was a busker that was called Jack and he had a dog called Harry.They were leaving in a really small house,that didn’t even look like a house and they were leaving with lots of Skyscapers.Jack was an busker so he was playing an instrument and the instrument was a guitar.One day Jack and Harry were a bit upset and they were upset because they wanted to go in the Countryside.Jack was working really hard because he wanted to go in the countryside so if he was playing the guitar he could get money and he could go in the Countryside and get lots of things.The next day Jack though that going in the Countryside is not the best thing he can go,the best thing he can do is that he can’t go in he Countryside alone.He wanted to go with his best friend Harry.

Character Description by Noora


Abdul Kzam is a powerfu,mysterious magician. His chin is as pointed as a knife. He has some curly,thin eyebrows that are as curly as an optical illusion. He has the hands of a witch. His eyes are as dark as the night and his cloak is the galaxy. His nose is a sharpened pencil.

Abdul Kzam walks clumsily and he talks enthusiastically. He moves his hands elegantly. His words are are hypnotists. He deliberately talks creepily. Comfidantly,he moves round on stage.

My Awesome Residential Trip! by Aalia

On Wednesday 27 of September we went to the marvellous clitheroe castle .First we went in the castle and the gentleman gave us a paper with a clip we had to find pixels around the museum if you  find a pixel you have to write tally on your  paper.If you find all of them you get an amazing prize. After that we went to the nice shop in the castle we bought fabulous goodies.We went in the real castle and had a picnic. Finally we went home


Ronaldo by Haider

Ronaldo is the worlds best footballer he has score goals 602 for Real Madrid and for is amazing country portrgul he as did more Assists then messi has done 578 goals for his club which was Barcelona and Argentina . Ronaldo assist for Real Madrid he has done 204 for Portugal messi has done 237 assists but Ronaldo is more bigger the Messi at winning headers  ronaldo can also score all of his free kickers more then messi!!! Is that shocking because ronaldo has a partner Bale who has also scored a famous goal against Barcelona he used his pace to run against alba and scored a great goal.

Our Residential trip By Aaminah

On Wednesday the 27 of October , We had a teacher named Collette. We stayed at waddow hall.Our school is Essa primary.Anyways we first did nightline and she put us in a line we were blindfolded and we wore helmets.We went to an obstacle corse and our instructor led us as we wore the blind folds.Then we had a crate chalange we were in partners me and my best friend Aaliyah were partners and we started at four and went up and up by two.Then we went to the shop and brought a few things.




Dear mrs Atherton,

I am writing to you because we would like you to buy us a giraffe. The reason is they are very strong animals so  they can carry every one to school if there’s a traffic jam or if there late the next reason is there really tall they can fix thing that are high up or you have to get something that is high up third reason giraffes are playful so if someone’s lonely and has none to play with it can play with it last reason is people can make a giraffe because giraffes are good at pausing.

Mrs Atherton you may think that they are going to poo everywhere but the smelly poo will firtidase the flower and school will look beautiful on one it will cost lots of money but on the other hand we will do a foundraiser .Although you may see that it will breaks things but we will teach it not to break things we really hope you buy us a giraffe for our school.

From ,



Hope you like it



Our Residential Trip By Ibrahim

On Tuesday,me and twelve other people went on a minibus to go on a trip to Waddow Hall.We were staying at Waddow Hall Adventure House for two days and were coming home on the third day.On Tuesday we reached Waddow Hall but what we did was run straight for the bedroom.Then Mrs Weaver told us that Mr Kinch would give us the perfect commands for us so that we could do a nice neat bed.

Once we had made our bed it was time for our first activity!Our first activity was fencing so I was quite happy.The first thing we had to do was listen to our instructor.Her name was Ellie.She told us that we have to use a foil sword and equip a helmet.Once we had our helmets on,we then had to pair up and fence against each other.We had two go’s but in between them two go’s all we were doing were rolling down the hill.We were begging to at least have a drink and finally it was time to have a drink!After we had a little bit of a drink the teachers said that we were allowed to chill in our bedroom.


The Most Valuable Hunt… By Ismail

The girl who wants to go to the place that has 500,000 999 fine karat gold is so pumped but the tiger on the other hand has to walk all the way for about 68 miles which is too long to walk but if the tiger rebuilds their energy then they would reach in like 10 minutes but the girl was running it would take her maybe about 5/6 hours which is a lot of time.

Leon And The Place Betwen by Jacob


This was written in  Wednesday 20th September 2017.     When we went to the circus, Tom said “I don’t believe in magic” “Don’t be silly, Tom” I said “Magic is real”   I said again. I felt excited, “Its no-” “Shh, its starting!” I interrupted. The shiny lanterns turned all off, it was like the power went off, but they didn’t. A loud hush started! I sighed “Sssshhhhh!” I shouted, the audience went quiet. The curtains shut tightly, and it was dead silence… (story work in progress)


We went to a residential trip.I was happy it was my first ever residential trip. I was exited our first activity was fencing I won my opponent twice! We used epee sword and a fencing mask then we did archery the highest point you could get was 10 i got 9!! Our team won archery competition our team got 86  points and won. Then we did the egg drop challenge you wrap the egg and drop it we won again (:




Jack and Harry by Minal

Jack was a buster.He played instrument to collect money.He had a little dog called Harry.They lived in a big city with lots of skyscrapers.They were very unhappy and wanted to escape to the countryside.They always loved nature.Jack worked night and day and worked really hard.They were trying to get enough money to buy a motorbike.Jack realised that getting his best friend was Harry,back to the countryside was the best thing he could do for him.

Abdul Kazam – The mysterious magic man from ‘Leon and the place between’

In class this week we will be describing one of the main characters from our book ‘Leon and the place between’.

Last week, Abdul Kazam visited our class and we got to see what he is like, how he moves, how he sounds and what his personality is like.

When we write on Thursday we will need to include:

  • Clothes and face
  • Personality
  • Movement and speech
  • Adjectives, Adverbs and Verbs
  • What his talents are
  • Relative clause sentences
  • The two types of apostrophe (possession and contraction)
  • And the forgetful people who keep misusing Capital letters will remember how to use them!