Look who’s visited Reception!


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Baa! Cluck! Quack!

There was great excitement in Reception this morning, as we had some very unusual visitors.

So it was on with our coats and wellies, and outside to meet… some farm animals.

Mooooo! Munch!

These included a calf called Joanna,  sheep called Thelma & Louise and some pygmy goats called Lizzie, Elsa & Elsie.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see, touch, hear and smell these friendly visitors.  Any initial nerves soon turned to smiles and laughter as they moved carefully around the animal pens.

Finally, they learnt some new facts about the farm visitors from their human friends, Marion and Ben.

“What is the name of a baby cow?”

After a final treat of stroking a rabbit, it was back inside to provision, after washing their hands.

Thank you for your visit.


Badgers and Hedgehogs







Welcome to Hedgehogs EYFS blog!


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Hello bloggers!

This is our first blog post in Reception. We are excited to be sharing our learning with you! We have recently started dough disco with our new cohort and today we had our first ‘Family Dough Disco’ session with parents and carers. It was so much fun!

We have Dough Discoed to Black Magic by Little Mix and Blame it on the Boogie by The Jacksons this week.

Post a comment to share with us your favourite dough disco songs.

Happy weekend