How to use the Horis and Boris blog…

Welcome to our Horis and Boris blog. In Reception, we have two friends… Horis and Boris. Each week, a child will be allowed to take either Horis or Boris home. Instead of asking you to complete a diary of what happened when your child took Horis or Boris home, we’d like you to blog about it from your phone or tablet. Simply select ‘Add your Horis blog post here!’ or ‘Add your Boris blog post here!’ and fill in the form from your phone. If you have taken pictures on your phone, please add up to 5 images from the ‘add image’ buttons within the form. Then click on ‘Submit’.

Horis and Boris spend the day with Site Team!

What an adventure today has been! Horis and Boris spent the day with Mr Carroll and the site team staff working across the Trust today.

They have been for a ride on the minibus, welcomed a number of YPO deliveries, stopped for some sneaky chocolate snacks and met some of the Essa Academy staff! What a busy day!

After a tiring day at work, Mr Carroll invited Horis and Boris round to his house for tea. They watched some television together, explored Mr Carroll’s garden and met his pet fish.

Thank you Mr Carroll and your team for a fantastic day!

Zahraa’s and Boris’s weekend

Boris had lots of fun at Zahraa’s house this weekend. He met Zahraa’s sister Zainab.

On Friday evening they played with the play dough and made lots of butterfly biscuits. Boris really enjoyed himself.

On Saturday Zahraa, Zainab, mummy and Aunty Maria went out for a long walk we went to see if there was any conkers but didn’t find any so did some leaf picking instead. We also got to see the trains passing on the train track.

On Sunday Boris helped us get ready for the school week and he came to play in our garden in the modelling sand. they made lots of ice creams and cakes.

Thank you for coming to stay at our house Boris hope you come again soon.

Mrs Mariner’s weekend with Horis

Horis had a fabulous time at Mrs Mariner’s house this weekend. He got to meet her two boys, Lennon and Evan. They loved having him to stay.

On Saturday they took Horis to their swimming lesson. He watched with Mrs Mariner and really wanted to join in but he didn’t have his armbands!  Later on they enjoyed a special treat… a trip to the cinema to watch the new Lego Ninjago movie. Horis enjoyed sharing the boys’ popcorn!

On Sunday Horis helped the boys to do their homework for school. He listened to Lennon practise his reading book and he helped Evan to spot numbers on cars outside.

Horis was a very tired hedgehog after a busy weekend. He slept in Evan’s room and enjoyed some nice snuggles. Mrs Mariner’s children will really miss Horis! They hope he visits again soon.