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Mrs Mariner’s weekend with Horis

10th October 2017 by mariners   

Horis had a fabulous time at Mrs Mariner’s house this weekend. He got to meet her two boys, Lennon and Evan. They loved having him to stay.

On Saturday they took Horis to their swimming lesson. He watched with Mrs Mariner and really wanted to join in but he didn’t have his armbands!  Later on they enjoyed a special treat… a trip to the cinema to watch the new Lego Ninjago movie. Horis enjoyed sharing the boys’ popcorn!

On Sunday Horis helped the boys to do their homework for school. He listened to Lennon practise his reading book and he helped Evan to spot numbers on cars outside.

Horis was a very tired hedgehog after a busy weekend. He slept in Evan’s room and enjoyed some nice snuggles. Mrs Mariner’s children will really miss Horis! They hope he visits again soon.



  1. Kaylee Woodside says:

    Hello Badgers I am from year: 3 Lions. Who took Boris home this week?

    On Friday i’m so excited when Kain Boris home, because me and Kain want to play with Boris, I can read with Boris and Kain, and I think Kain would like to play batman with Boris and me. While he is here we will go to the park. I think he will enjoy the slide as much as Kain like’s it, when we are going we will also go to the Swings too. Boris will help us with are homework.

    On Saturday if Kain was to get Boris over Halloween he can go to Belfast with us. To get to Belfast we have to go on a boat. While we are at Belfast we will go to are Granny’s. While we are at are Granny’s we have to get Boris a Halloween costume. When Boris has his Halloween costume we can have are Halloween.

    On Sunday morning we left Belfast. Then tomorrow Boris will go so we will miss Boris a lot.


    • mariners says:

      Hello Kaylee,

      Zahraa took Boris and Asiyah took Horis home this week. We hope they have a lovely weekend with them and can’t wait to find out all about it through the blog.

      It sounds like you have some lovely plans for when Boris comes to your house. What a good idea about taking him to Belfast with you!

      I look forward to reading all about it when Kain takes Boris home.

      Have a lovely weekend.

      Mrs Mariner


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