I forgot to tell you I got mario odyssey! And I also finished it in two days, yesterday and today!

Well at first my mum ordered mario odyssey and it didn’t arrive. I was asking where is it like crazy. After lots and lots of days my mum went out to town with my cousins. My cousins then decided to buy mario odyssey for me! But I haven’t got two don’t worry my mum cancelled the order so I didn’t get two sadly other wise I could of played it twice from the start!

Well now I have told you how I got the game I betta’ go play it. BYE!


My story begins in a country called Pakistan. I was born in a city called Fasilabad. I grew up in a place called Dharowali. I liked playing cricket it was my favourite sport there. I liked my country and I went to school when I was 3. My teacher there was not very nice If you haven’t done your homework or didn’t come to school you get hit by a stick.In 2014 I moved to England. I started in a School called Essa primary I stayed in the school. I still haven’t left the School

Marvel iron man

Tayab’s review of: Marvel iron man
Author: Parragon
Genre: Fiction

What happens beginning of the book tony had so much money that he could go anywhere he loved to have fun . And like to ear restaurant food. What happened middle of the book tony is a very famous scientist that’s why anmy stack him and put him in the jail there are another scientist in the jail they to made a very scary suit but when he to the city everybody scared then he made a iron man suit

Where they live Ben 10

Ayaanh’s review of: Where they live Ben 10
Author: Cartoon network
Genre: Fiction

Ben’s old enemies wants revenge so they try to harm his family. I would recomend it to Robert because he has been winding me up! He says let’s swap! The book is good my favourite bit was when Ben grew his arm back when it got ripped of in alien form! By the way this is book three in the series. Is what I did not like is when villains teamed up.

Scarlett/garnet fairy

Janat’s review of: Scarlett/garnet fairy
Author: Daisy Meadows
Genre: Fiction

So the book is about a fairy Scarlett and he magic goes crazy and Kristy and Rachel helleped her to get the garnet back at the end they get the garnet by shrinking the goblins and at the very end the goblins turn back to their normal size and go back to Jack Frosts casel .

The End
By Janat


Lacey’s review of: Matilda
Author: Ronald Dahl
Genre: Fiction

Matilda is not an odnery little girl she has powers she was odopted when she was born but as she grew up her parents did’nt care about her Matilda had been wishing to go to school since she was 4 years old one day her parents grumbled you’re in a school Matilda, she limited over and cuddled him. I would recommend this book to Soha because she loves education.

Dork Diaries pop star

Michael’s review of: Dork Diaries pop star
Author: Rachel,Renée,Russell
Genre: Fiction

There is a girl called Niki she has a school bully called Mackenzie and a crush called Brandon,she wants to join a new show and Mackenzie try’s everything she can to stop Niki and she finds out Mackenzie wants her to not let Niki compete in the show and Niki admits that the show is about singing and Niki gets really tempted to run of the stage crying and when Niki was getting changed into her uniform and she screamed because a bug jumped in her hair and she screamed Ann Mackenzie and the others accept her friends started rolling on the floor laughing at her and Mackenzie calls her a bug bag and she runs out screaming wishing her day was over and then she met her crush and she almost fainted THE END

Dork diaries party time

Dork diaries party time is about a girl called Nikki and her locker is near Mackenzie Hollistor who is the most popular girl at Westchester country day middle school. On Saturday October 19 Chloe, Zoey and Nikki went to Mackenzie’s party as they were there Mackenzie and her best friend Jessica came to Nikki and spilled chocolate on her new dress that she bought.I am interested by it because I like how the pictures make it.

Marvel Thor

Tayab’s review of: Marvel Thor
Author: Parragon
Genre: Non-Fiction

What happened bigining of the book? This story about on planet Asgard called Thor Thor is a prince of planet Asgard king call him to give a weapon king give him a strong hammer. What happened middle of the book? Thor killled all of the enemy but somebody tell to king Thor killed his brother Loki and king bleived him and king take his armor and send him to the earth. W har happend end of the book ? Then some body tell to king thor didn’t do anithing

Ben 10

Robert’s review of: Ben 10
Author: Cartoon Network
Genre: Fiction

Help Ben 10 he is captured by jelly puff man by the help freeze lane. Will Ben 10 escape? Find out in the book ben 10 video games story books the aouther is Cartoon Network ultimate. At the end Ben 10 finally past his drivers licence he was so happy about it he had to spend lost of money’s £

Captain America

Shehroz’s review of: Captain America
Author: An origin story
Genre: Fiction

There was a young lad called Steve. He wanted to join the Army but the doctor said you are too weak to join the Army. So the doctor did a special experiment to young Steve. The expereamant was a success. Then there was a war going on and Steve fought in the war and he was called Captain of America.

Dork diaries

Michael’s review of: Dork diaries
Author: Rachel Renee Russel
Genre: Fiction

There is a girl called Niki maxweell and there’s a show called Disney on ice and she wants to join but there’s a bully called Mackenzie and she don’t want Niki joining the show and she wants Niki out of the show but Niki gets into the show and when the show was on Niki had friends called Zoe and Cloe and they are all nervous because they’ve never been skating before so Niki has to get dresses as clowns for the Disney on ice show but Mackenzie locked them in the dressing room and they call Niki crush and then they got let out by him then they did the show and Nikis score was -4 but then he give Niki a bouquet of flowers and hugged Niki said she wanted to ask him so many questions like if I was a your my friend hug or your a really good friend hug or more than a friend or your my girlfriend hug she wants to ask him but she thinks he’ll notice she like him

Julia the sleeping beauty fairy

Soha’s review of: Julia the sleeping beauty fairy
Author: Daisy Medows
Genre: Fiction

It is about this fairys music box who get stolen by the really mean goblins who are trying too get the magical objects and,want to rule fairyland and,take all the fairy magic but Kristy and Rachel helped the fairys get them back,and Julia gets her box back.


Ayaan’s review of: Duped
Author: Cartoon Network
Genre: Fiction

The book is about Ben 10. He has to do three things at once. Watch his girlfriends match, watch sumo slammers in 3D and find out what king urian is up to! I liked when Ben transformed into a magnet alien. It has 60 pages in it. And it is the second book of the ultimate alien storybooks. Let me read the main bits in the book on the first page. So the highbreed and Vilgax are dead. Ben is 16 now and he must learn about the new ultrimix to battle the led by the evil aggregor. He can use his old aliens and can make them ULTIMATE!

Terria Michael

Terria is a game where you start from scrap up to you building a house and the bosses are easy if you have the star bow and the rainbow shooter sword but at times it can annoy you when you die a lot and don’t have the right weapons for the right boss like Skelton prime and eye of Clutha it is also important all the friendly characters you see take home with you because they help you know how to summon all the bosses


Today my cousins came at first I didn’t know but when they were her then I knew. We had some time together and it was fun! We played would you rather. To be honest she is here as I’m writing. She said a little joke she told me “Ayaan do you want to come with me?” I totally fell for it. I had tea as well it was chips yummy and now I’m going to eat some more so goodbye!


The story tells you about mario+rabbids kingdom battle. I have it and it’s great it is about rabbits invading the mushroom kingdom. You use guns to shoots rabbids! You start off with three characters mario,(who you can not change,) rabbid peach and rabbid Luigi! You unlock more if you complete boss battles. It’s one of the strangest games in videogame history!

Dork diary Dramma queen

Soha’s review of: Dork diary Dramma queen
Author: Rachel Reene Russle
Genre: Fiction

I give it 10 out of 10,I would like to give it to Lacey because she likes dramatic scenes a lot and, she has drama lessons.It is about a girl called Nikki and her sister keeps on killing her pet goldfish when ever she gets a pet goldfish and, she has to keep on getting one of them.Then at school Mackenzie Hollister (bully)!


Aisha’s review of: Hamlet
Author: William shakespeare
Genre: Fiction

There was a boy called Hamlet but his father died and everyone thinks that it was a snack bit.But it was a murder!!Hamlet is trying to kill the murder and Hemlet did kill the murder.A king tryed to kill Hamlet but in stead Hamlet killed the king.Then Hamlet was the most royal and noble king.

Favourite character:Hamlet
Why:Hamlet killed the murder and he made it look like he was going to kill his mom.


Great, the nintendo switch has lost all its battery your wandering what i do. Well I have to do something!!! So is what I do I either watch TV which is boring when my baby is here so I can’t do that. Hmm so what shall I do? Well I might read a story but my sister comes so I can’t do that either. Hmmmmmm what should I do? Oh oh or mabye I can do blogs up in my room so when my sister comes I can hide while doing blogs!

My day by Lacey

This morning I woke up went downstairs had breakfast got dressed brushed my teeth checked if everything was in my backpack then I made my way to school when I got inside I got my reading record put it in the classroom then we did the register and went into assembly when I got back we did Spag,Math fixits,History, snack,Swimming, dinner and we did English then it was hometime !!!