The story tells you about mario+rabbids kingdom battle. I have it and it’s great it is about rabbits invading the mushroom kingdom. You use guns to shoots rabbids! You start off with three characters mario,(who you can not change,) rabbid peach and rabbid Luigi! You unlock more if you complete boss battles. It’s one of the strangest games in videogame history!

Dork diary Dramma queen

Soha’s review of: Dork diary Dramma queen
Author: Rachel Reene Russle
Genre: Fiction

I give it 10 out of 10,I would like to give it to Lacey because she likes dramatic scenes a lot and, she has drama lessons.It is about a girl called Nikki and her sister keeps on killing her pet goldfish when ever she gets a pet goldfish and, she has to keep on getting one of them.Then at school Mackenzie Hollister (bully)!


Aisha’s review of: Hamlet
Author: William shakespeare
Genre: Fiction

There was a boy called Hamlet but his father died and everyone thinks that it was a snack bit.But it was a murder!!Hamlet is trying to kill the murder and Hemlet did kill the murder.A king tryed to kill Hamlet but in stead Hamlet killed the king.Then Hamlet was the most royal and noble king.

Favourite character:Hamlet
Why:Hamlet killed the murder and he made it look like he was going to kill his mom.


Great, the nintendo switch has lost all its battery your wandering what i do. Well I have to do something!!! So is what I do I either watch TV which is boring when my baby is here so I can’t do that. Hmm so what shall I do? Well I might read a story but my sister comes so I can’t do that either. Hmmmmmm what should I do? Oh oh or mabye I can do blogs up in my room so when my sister comes I can hide while doing blogs!

My day by Lacey

This morning I woke up went downstairs had breakfast got dressed brushed my teeth checked if everything was in my backpack then I made my way to school when I got inside I got my reading record put it in the classroom then we did the register and went into assembly when I got back we did Spag,Math fixits,History, snack,Swimming, dinner and we did English then it was hometime !!!

Part 2 – The Best Trip Ever! From Eshal!!!!

After fencing we played a other game called Archery, Archery is when you have a bow and arrow you put the arrow in the bow and you shoot, and try to hit the target in the middle, my team were called squirrels, Mr.Kinch’s team Soha and Anisa were also in the  team squirrels of Mr.Kinch, are team were first we got 48 point’s but we were second, there was also other teams.                                                                                                                   Called Dolphins and Cheaters also Robins, Dolphins win because they got 89 point:0 I can’t remember the other points we didn’t got medles, after Archery we packed up and haved lunch I just want to fast forward to Wednesday ok I’m done, On Wednesday 27 we did a challenge called the crate challenge, the crate challenge is when you get hanged up and people will stacks as many crates as you can, if you fall down your still safe  because your hanging. After the crate challenge  we went to a castle called…?;-\


On Tuesday i went on a residetial trip it was really fun first i did fencing and we used sords that bend after that we did archery and Ellie our leader got it in the middle  i was rubbish because i couldn`t get it in the middle.On Wednesday we did the egg drop so the aim was to cover it because we were going to throw it out of window and that is all i am going to tell you.

Candy world by Awais

I was hoping I could buy my own candy word one day but it has not happened yet its only been 8 years but I really want it to happened so when do you think it will happen I’m not sure maybe it might happened now or it might not even happen but does candy words cost any money I think they cost candy a lot of candy how much candy do you think  WOW!!!  guess what just happened candy fell from the sky and chocolate  it was amazing it was a dream come true .




The best fairytale ever by Lacey

Once upon a time there was a princess she was very rich but she was always getting in trouble because there was a very handsome Prince who lived across the road and she liked him but her father did not like the Prince he wanted her to marrie a very bad man because he was a bad man himself .

The princess did not want to marrie her father’s friend she wanted to marrie the Prince across the road when she was thinking this her father’s friend was down stairs her father shouted up me and my friend are going out in the car,as your probably thinking he’s not got a license ….

The princess had been asleep and was woken by a knock at the door she opened the door and it was the handsome prince he had flowers he said I’ve heard the bad news she shouted what bad news ! He said I love you but your father and his friend died ! A big smile grew on her face she said I’ll miss him but I love you more than I care about him . A smile grew on his face and he bent down and said will you marrie me she of course …..

A few years later they were man and wife and they had two children one called Leya and another called Finley as they grew they lived happily ever after …..




My Best Trip Ever From Eshal

So far I came back home from mosque and writing this blog, but there’s a trip I went to stay there for 3 days I went to 1 2 3 Wadow hall, This is like a review but in a blog, some year 4,5, when we were here we a girl called Ellie introduce herself.

First we played a French game called fencing, fencing is when you battle people which sords called epee de feuille in French but in English it’s called foil sords, I battled with Soha, what you do is you were a mask and you put a hand behind your back, and one foot goes side-ways and when you here the grown ups say ungared you start poking people whith foil sords or in French epee dear feuille, If you live in France you might play this I’ll continue because I filled the space up.


Yestderday mr.kinch gave us some pappers to work on it was fun we rote some crazy the floor was lava the valcano was CRAZY the lava was boiling and the ash was every were people in side the houses where parking the billings we’re shaking Trano was on the boat when he woke up from sleeping when he woke up he found himself on the boat and the pompell



The beautiful beach of my dreams. A story by Shehroz.

It was finally here the time I had waited all year for… it was finally the summer holidays!!! I just couldn’t wait to do non-stop shopping and hitting those crashing waves. This was the time I could live my life to its greatest moment. 

The next morning I realised my head was on the ground and my legs were hanging in mid-air all alone with no purpose and no desire at all. Suddenly, I heard a roaring  knock on my door -which I had filed with my thoughts and hopes for the future. My sister ordered, “ Let me in!” I slowly and hesitantly opened the door. As I opened the door to let my eyes anyalse the world out of my room and let my sister in, a strong scent of pancakes hit my face like wind on a late night of November. Shockingly, my never ending dream was damaged by my sisters head-splitting racket she exclaimed, “ Mum demands you to get your stuff ready for the beach and hit the dinning table in 10!!”     I answered, “ Fine I’m coming by the way are we having pancakes for breakfast?”                                                                                                      She uttered, “ For your kind information, YES now get ready!” I pulled out my beach bag packed my towel, trunks, blanket, sun cream and other unnecessary stuff I don’t even use, but just in case. You never know what life has in store for you.

After breakfast we all sat in the car and set off. On my journey there I wondered what it would be like. The journey was three hours long so I took a nap. In my dream I saw the perfect family lying on a beach, my skin being roasted by the flaming sun. It was like being in an oven on full speed wanting to burn and destroy everything in its way, but then my attention drew to the the crystal-blue beach shining in the blistering sun. The waves crashed like angry gorillas wanting food and nothing else. As I lay down on my blanket my body was being heated in the blazing ball of flames and fire. I slowly walked towards the water which wanted me to step in enjoy its coolness. As I was about to step in the water my dream broke. My sister screaming in my face, “ Get up you lazy bones, get up!!” As I opened my eyes I saw crowds of people and children squashed on one beach. My mouth was dropped open I wonder if my dream would come true or not ….

Escape from Pompeii

Today’s a day as nothing else as tranio and his dad went to the theitor the people there loved it when the actors said rumble down tumble down ,feel the floor shake before they finished, what they were saying .The floor shook the building started to tumble tranios father ,froze to the spot and tranio started to run out of the theitor and into ,Olivia’s house as other, people started carrying ornaments outside to safety ash started coming  people started to put rugs on there mouth as for Olivia and tranio they went in a  boat of rugs tired so they fell asleep when they woke up they saw that everyone they loved and everything they had was destroyed.

Escape from Pompeii by musa

Crashing, waves in the sea and breaking, things everywhere in the city ash cracking, the ground and we all have to go and run and everyone scared from the volcano called mount Vesuvius, is blowing ,,everyone houses and everyone trying to escape but it is making everyone, and they can’t escape but they can’t so everyone died there but some did escape so at least they survived, but it is heading to earth, and earthquake so someone, to the volcano headed to earth from me to the volcano, .





Erupting Volcano By Awais

There was a huge village called pompell there a big volcano no one  ever deared to go near that volcano it is so so  so deadly  the floor started to shake it started to rain  there was noises of thunder the thunder started smoke to spread every were  the volcano started  to shoot lava people were killed some were hurt and some ran away.








The eruption of the volcano

there was a village and a volcano and then there was a guy rushing back to a girls house and then the volcano erupted and then there family then the family dies and the ash begins to choke the girl and kill people in the city and it’s called mount Vesuvius the name of the volcano the lava rises down to the city and it is destroyed for ever then a guy is saved by wold helper   Hope you enjoyed 😃

The Amazing Eruption of Pompeii by Janat

You won’t want to believe what happened at the roman times!!!A HUGE eruption happened and here’s

what happend…

There’s was a city in Italy called Pompeii and there was some romans and a boy loved coming to the thearte but the growned  started to quiver  and the people died because the volcano ERUPTED!!!

Escape From Pompeii by Soha

Whatch out if mount Vesuviuses magma makes bubbly   noises and,crashing waves hitting your city and,hot red lava coming down to you and your family and friends and,city you should get worried because a volcano nearby is about to erupt and,if you hear an earthquake quickly try to escape,but don’t worry to much it might just be an asteroid heading to earth!!!You might just survive just in time!!!

The Volcano supris by Aisha

There was a village at the bottom of the gaianed volcano.The village was called Pompeii and the volcano was HUGE.The lava bubbles up befor the volcano will arups.Then the lava will spoot out crazily…oh my gosh!I’m amazed!!!Oh I did not notice that there was lining it shudd have been so sckary!The ash is so black and gray!!😱 I hope you enjoyed 😁

The furious volcano

There was a village and a mountain, but know one knew it was a viscous volcano that was sure enough to erupt soon before they’re eyes.The ground began to shake ,the people thought it was nothing and then mighty Vesuvius rawed, with poisoned gas fire flew .every where it was horrific it was raining ash as the volcano blew thunder ,every where it has destroyed Pompeii, the next morning the eruption finally stopped and Pompeii was buried with ash everyone and everything was destroyed would any find the city under the ash it was quite ,silence and the only thing you could hear is gas destroying buildings every where you go your stood on ash for miles and miles ,as buildings collapsed and shuttered as Vesuvius slept since it erupted and blew Pompeii to bits, a few years later flowers finally began to grow 1 by 1 by 1 and to this day Vesuvius, has only erupted 50 or over time to time it is sure to erupt again and that is the Pompeii volcano hope you enjoyed 😀