The story tells you about mario+rabbids kingdom battle. I have it and it’s great it is about rabbits invading the mushroom kingdom. You use guns to shoots rabbids! You start off with three characters mario,(who you can not change,) rabbid peach and rabbid Luigi! You unlock more if you complete boss battles. It’s one of the strangest games in videogame history!


6 thoughts on “GAME ZONE!”

  1. Wow Ayaanh! I like how you can do it. How can you improve it. Be pesific ok. Don’t use brackets for embedded clauses. I’m counting on you.


  2. Hi Ayaanh!

    I really liked this summary of the Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle! It is very specific and informative!

    The only thing you didn’t need to include is the comma in the brackets but good job!

    Are there a certain amount of levels?

    From Aleena


    1. Hi! I’ll remember not to make the comma mistake again that would be sad. I’m not sure about the question because I haven’t completed it. Well bye!


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