Maria and her World Map initiative…

Inspired by a K’Nex hot air balloon creation, Squirrels class is now in full map making mode.

Maria first developed her hot air balloon and was inspired to think about the different places her hot air balloon would visit. Following this she used two different atlases, an index, and looked at photographs from around the world in a non fiction book. She created her first map that day.

Since then, many children have created their own maps, and more photos will be uploaded of those soon.


In the mean time, to extend our learning even further, leave a comment to let us know where in the world you are and what the capital city of your country is…


Welcome to Squirrel Class!

Welcome to our Squirrel blog!

In our Squirrel class, we are beginning to embark on our new blogging adventure! Hafsa and Maria wrote a wonderful poem about our school…

We are enjoying our new classroom with continuous provision being introduced this year, who else has experience of this way of learning?

Please leave a comment to tell us where you are in the world and something you loved about school!