Tigers vs Lions tennis by privilege

Hello if you saw tigers vs lions basketball well this is the time the reff gets his revenge anyway my most pouplar writing is tigers vs lions race with lots of likes and six comets I am getting lots of comets because of you lot.

One day the tigers and lions were playing tennis.”first round Cade vs Tonic”said the reff,(that was the reff in the other series)the ball was a robot  the reff made but no one knew that. Cade batted the ball and it him right in the face then everyone saw that it was a robot and then everyone ran to hit the reff but Ned got him this time he got transfered and got sent to Africa.(my country)




Why I love Essa primary school by Ari

I love essa primary school because I love learning about story’s and maths like adding subtracting times tables and division + – x division is the hardest thing in the hole world my teacher learns me about science with forces and magnets and what is magnetic and what is not I like essa primary because I get to meet new friends and new teachers I like this school because it has clubs I’m in judo club puzzle club and chicken club (go and see my blog about chicken club) In English we’ve been learning about Theseus and the minotaur there is a prince called Theseus and he finds out that women and men every year the get sent to king midas and being fed to the minotaur but Theseus try’s to kill the minotaur… I like playing a game called scratch you can do computing with it you drag down a green flag and you can join arrows to it when the up arrow is pressed your sprite will go up when the down arrow is pressed your sprite will go down and you can make a story

I hope you loved my blog about why a love essa primary school


The family who goes to the Mediterranean Sea! By Nveen

A family is going to a trip to the Mediterranean Sea.
The mum packs everything while the dad is getting ready.
When everyone is ready they go to the airport and take their flight.
20 hours later the family the family are at the Mediterranean Sea.
They find a nice spot and unpack there.
When they unpacked they rested.

After their rest they go up to swim in the sea,rest some more or talk to random people.
After their fun they all went to swim in the Mediterranean Sea.
5 minutes after their swim they dried up with their towels.
After 2 minutes they rested for a hour.
After their rest they ate some of their food.
Soon enough they saw their cousins so they went to them.
They were at their cousins for about 5 minutes before they all went swimming together.
They were swimming with their cousins for 3 minutes.

Soon it was time to go home so they went to the airport,took their flight and when they got home they all took a shower and slept.

P.S. Do you know how much they were at the Mediterranean Sea??

Moving Bolton (emotional)by Alisha

So it all started by us moving to our aunties house because our house was getting built .I was veryyyyyyyy upset about us moving Bolton well I didn’t know how Bolton looked like this thing that I am going to tell you now is A little bit funny I was asleep and my friend was ready for school and I thought they came back from school the next day we were leaving 😭😔my friend gave my siblings some sweets and me my mum and auntie were crying and the rest of us were super super upset 😥😪.

My trip to wales by Ari!

When I went to wales I slept in a caravan
My caravan number was 1
The room was beautiful.

The other day I went to a place called the arcade
You put coins inside the machine and they work and if you win you get more money back.
I played this horse game you choose a horse and if that horse wins you get money.

The other day I went to the fun fair you get to go on rides
I went on a cars ride and when you hit corners you go fast.

I went on the caterpillar ride and when you go down you go fast.

The other day I went on a train ride and you can see the whole town
And beautiful bushes.

I enjoyed my visit to wales goodbye wales

By Ari

The sweet,smart and education poem

Roses are red, violets are blue and so are you.We get an education to be smart. We go to school every day and learn maths:123+354=? 1,234+5,365=?  We learn English: Adjectives,Adverbs and similes

Butterflies are pretty,beautiful and amazing,fireflies are the same just glowing and there a bit littler and your the same but don’t have wings and your a lot more bigger.We wake up and get dressed for school and you look smart in your school uniform.We learn how to talk different languages:Spanish,Germen  and Hunngrian.We learn science:plants,shadows and light

From holly 🐶😊
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All about reading club By:Holly

Reading club is when you read chapters of a book and draw something that your teacher say’s.For example Mis (Miss.Lamert) told everyone to draw a story map of this story called – iron man. We read the rest of chapter one on wendsday.It was great here’s a bit of what we read on wendsday.This robot called iron man was standing on the edge of a cliff he was lonely.Then he fell of the edge of the cliff all of his body parts clattered and scattered around and the beach.Then the body parts tryed to find each other the hand found an eye and wrapped it in his fingers and the hand could see  then they found the rest of the body parts except the other ear…That was some of chapter one.Did you like the story ?😊We can bring are reading club books home and finish colouring the front of them.I will write about drama club next.

Not now Bernard

Hello,dad,said Bernard not now Bernard said his father hello mum said Bernard not now Bernard said his mother there’s a monster in the garden and it’s going to eat me said Bernard not now Bernard said       his mother Bernard went to the garden hello monster he said to the monster the monster ate Bernard up every bit then the monster went indoors ROAR went the monster behind Bernard mother.Not now Bernard said Bernard mother the monster bit Bernard father not now Bernard


My scary fear about caterpillars by Ari

I am Ari and I’m going to tell you about what I’m scared of
witch is…


The reason I’m scared of caterpillars is because.

1.They move weirdly.

2.They have weird red faces.

3.The fatter the caterpillar the more scared I am.

4.They have very slim body.

It’s like the hungry caterpillar.

I hope you liked my scary fear post

And if your scared of caterpillars
if so what are you scared about it?


My beach dream adventure By Atika

On a sunny day I was getting my stuff ready to go to the beach.we were getting some extra clothes ready and some shoos.we got into the    car and we drove to Wales to the beach it was amazing.

First we had a great look around to know what was going on and we went rock climbing it was not actually it was not much rock climbing after that we sat down on the sand then we went into the water that was fun then we got chang in the toilet after that there was some shops nearby we went to them we butt some things and we went to the car to eat then we went to have a great walk.

We went to the car and went home we went to Liverpool under a bridge we came home.

Sergio Ramous and facts about the mediterranean

Sergio Ramos is a famous football player from Spain,which is in the mediterranean coast line, he is a great defender and he his the captain of the Spanish National team and Real madrid football club.

Spain is a popular holiday destination for people all around the world and most especially people from the united kingdom,because of its mediterranean costal towns like Palma,Malaga,Barcelona and Ibiza.

Sergio Ramos was born in the costal town of camas in the year 1986 and he his a member of the spanish National team that won the FIFA world cup in 2010 and also won the UEFA European Championship in 2008 and 2010.

The school council by Ari


I am Ari and I am the school council and I’m going to tell you about it
Today I wrote down about me on a peace of paper and this time I’m going to tell you about it

When I am the school council I can choose what I’d like to put into the school and I need to pick the new dinner lady/man.

Next my favourite colour is gold and red I am 8 years old

My favourite things to do are go on fun fairs and explore the world and play games.

In my family I have my Mum and Dad and my little brother Adam he is 6 years old and he is a child in need

I hope you enjoyed my school council working sheet about me
I might do more

From Ari

Tigers vs Lions football by Privilege

One day a lion king and a lion king played football it was a championship who ever wins gets a trophy.

The whistle began to blow the lions stared they dribbled really good, the captain Cade nearly tackled him, the lions shot the ball it hit the post and went in the goal!,”GOAL”. The tigers did really good passing and Sandaf (the best player in the  world) scored a goal.

They shaked hands it was a draw,the captin of the tigers team Cade talked about the match.


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All about Tigers by Ari


I am Ari and I’m going to tell you about Tigers and that’s what our class is called

Tigers have stripes there orange and black
Sometimes Tigers roar and sometimes they roar when there angry

We made a poem about a tiger it was fun telling it to you.

Tigers have a long body and they walk on there arms and there legs.

Me and my partner looked on the internet for Bengal Tigers and we found out that Bengal Tigers are the royal tigers and the don’t like danger!

Don’t forget to tell us about your tiger facts

By Ari

My night time routine by Ari!


I’m Ari and I’m going to tell you about my night time routine

First I brush my teeth to make sure that my teeth are clean and sparkling ready for school

Next I drink my juice so I’m not thirsty falling asleep

Then I hop into bed and my Mum tucks me in and I turn my fish lamp on and say goodnight to my Mum.

I hope you enjoyed my night time routine tell me what you do at night time?

By Ari

The noisy tiger collector by Alisha

A tiger called this morning dressed all in black and orange put every sound into a bag and carried them away.

The children go chitter chatter.                                       The teacher goes blah blah.                                                                The clock goes tick tick.                                                   The light switch goes flick click.

The squeaking of the chair.                                                The slamming of the door.                                               When you put the pencil to the paper it makes a scraping noise. Continue reading “The noisy tiger collector by Alisha”

The tigers vs lions race by Privilege

Far away in South Africa there were a tiger king and a lion king, every day they stared at each other like a devil and a hero ,but today is the time to race.

“the race is about to start the first one to cross the finish line wins”said the cheater.”321 go”

The they pasted the jungly bushes,past the swinging monkeys “you will lose”said the lion king the tiger king kept quiet just as the lion king bumped into a tree, the tiger king  was nearly at the finsh line then there was a cliff, the tiger king said “how am I going to jump that far”? the lion king said “with teamwork of course”they made a catapult out of trees and leaves .when they started flying the tiger king said “were not going to make it unless we believe in ourselves”Then a strange thing happened they started flying then they crossed the finsh line together.

The end like and comment.(it took me to do this in school and home tell anyone to see this amazing tigers class)


All about chicken club!

Hello I’m Ari and I’m going to tell you about chicken club!

Chicken club is about taking care of chickens this is what you do

First you want to feed the chickens so
Chickens like eating worms we don’t
Don’t feed the chickens with your hands because you will get pecked
Throw the food in front of the chickens

That’s how you feed the chickens

If you want to feel the chickens
Jently feel them from the back
If you do it from the front
They will peck you

Thank you for reading me telling you
About chicken club I might tell you more!

By Ari


On a sunny, beautiful morning Traves the tiger ( who was normally known as TRAVES THE TERRIBLE) took a stroll around the JAPANIES, JAZZY JUNGLE- which was green from head to toe, it was full of flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables and most importantly the wild life- but TRAVES THE TERRIBLE was fierce every one was scared of him I know people say that lions are the life and kings of the jungleS but not in this case here it was TRAVES and TRAVES only, he was too strong for any other animal. Even though he was terrifying and all,  but he had a warm heat. But today TRAVES was going to meet his death or will he…

… today when TRAVES was running up and down the Jungle he saw something that shock the life out of him it was… WATER!!! TRAVES THE TERRIBLE hated water, he hated it that much that he went to live in the darkest most frightening part of the jungle! His worst fear was about to come true!!! What will TRAVES THE TERRIBLE do?…

Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal is in the southwest of Europe.It is next to Spain.Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.It is by the coast.There is a castle on the tallest hills above the city.the north of Portugal has many hills and mountain  .there are lots of forests.In the south the land is flatter and there are fewer trees.Portugal has a long coast.The coast faces the Atlantic Ocean.There are sandy and stony beaches.People in Portugal eat lots of fresh fish.

Cristiano ronaldo is a famous Portuguese football player in the world and his team always wins the trophy.

Ronaldo you’re the best.


From suhaim

I’m Angry! By Haseeb

My name is Haseeb and I’ve written a story about what happens when I’m angry. I hope you enjoy it!

One day there was Haseeb, he was scared of the monsters. The monsters made him angry. When he was angry he turned into a cow with big horns and went upstairs. He bashed the monsters to the moon. He said “There are no more monsters!” Haseeb then went downstairs, turned into Spider-Man and went outside. Haseeb’s daddy said “Horray there are no more monsters!” Haseeb turned back into Haseeb.

The End

Last day of Drama Club :( !! By Nveen

Yesterday was the day I quieted Drama Club
I joined Coding Clu which I will tell about you later
But for now let’s focus on Drama Club

In Drama Club we do lots of drama
We do acts,Dances and performs
But the reason I quieted Drama Club was because
It was getting quite and my little sis was in it
So there was too much DRAMA!!

I loved Drama club because my funny teacher was in it
So now that I told you about my Drama club
Now for Coding Club

Coding Club is a club with robots which you control!


The annoying tiger kitchen by privilege

A tiger called this morning,dressed in orange and black.Put every sound into a bag, and carried them away.

The teacher goes blah blah! The light goes flick click! The chair goes scrape! The tap goes drip drip.

The tapping of the pencil,The chattering of the children!When you use the pencil the chattering it makes

The banging of the football shoes as the players pass the  ball. The cherring of the crowd. The ball hits the goal. As it entertains everyone.

The swinging,on the monkey bars,when you do the backflip, the damage you will get


The tigers noisy sounds

A tiger called this morning
Dressed all in black and orange
Put every sound into a bag
And carried them away

The chair goes screech,screech
The pencil goes tap,tap
The clock goes tick,tock
The book goes flap,flap

The slamming of the door
The zapping of the rug
When you read a lot of books
The splashing of the water

The ripping of the paper
The cutting of the sissors
The squelching of the glue
As it sticks everywhere

The stomping of the feet
On the big chairs
When you do the plit,plat,plot
The smell is everywhere

The dripping mint on the leaves
The woofing of the dogs
The crunching of the sweetcorn
The dropping of the water

A tiger called this morning
He did’nt leave his name
Left us only silence
Life will never be the same