On a sunny, beautiful morning Traves the tiger ( who was normally known as TRAVES THE TERRIBLE) took a stroll around the JAPANIES, JAZZY JUNGLE- which was green from head to toe, it was full of flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables and most importantly the wild life- but TRAVES THE TERRIBLE was fierce every one was scared of him I know people say that lions are the life and kings of the jungleS but not in this case here it was TRAVES and TRAVES only, he was too strong for any other animal. Even though he was terrifying and all,  but he had a warm heat. But today TRAVES was going to meet his death or will he…

… today when TRAVES was running up and down the Jungle he saw something that shock the life out of him it was… WATER!!! TRAVES THE TERRIBLE hated water, he hated it that much that he went to live in the darkest most frightening part of the jungle! His worst fear was about to come true!!! What will TRAVES THE TERRIBLE do?…


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